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The Whistle copter has a PATENT No. 9279646

Whistlecopter sells Wholesale Led Copter, slingshots , Whistlecopter PATENT, kids toys on reasonable prices with high quality material in united states

Learn how To Make Money while Having Fun! Whistlecopter goes up and The Money Pours down All Night Long!

Buy Whistlecopter for yourself at great prices on this site or be a Vendor of our Whistlecopter ! By the Beach, in a park, at a Festival or any night time event, Whistlecopter can make you that little extra cash to enjoy life! Call Today 305-785-4048 inquire about becoming a Vendor. We do not have vender wholesale prices on our site.

Whistlecopter is looking for New Vendors that want to make extra money selling the Hottest Night time Toy! We have many vendors that have never sold anything before, now making hundreds of dollars per night by just launching Whistlecopter in the sky anywhere that people may gather.

Start your adventure with the hottest night time helicopter toy. We now have our latest hottest Whistlecopter the Whistlecopter Patent for sale. It whistles on the way up and then just like our regular Whistlecopter looks like Fireworks In The Sky!!!

Buy them for your own use or call 305-785-4048 if you would like to become a vendor!! We do not have vendor wholesale prices on our site.We are the original Whistlecopter so our wings are very special compared to other micro flying copters that are just copies of ours. Our wings are made from very durable plastic and hardly ever break. They also once folded to the correct position hold their crease. They will never flap in the wind as all copies do. Without sturdy wings made out of very durable plastic your copter ride is short lived and you will never attain the 200 foot height that Whistlecopter does. If you buy a copy you will also not attain the boomerang affect when you shoot into the wind as our Whistlecopter do. When they come back to you in the wind the expert copter pilot can just catch the Whistlecopter in their hands as it spirals down to them. Our led light is the brightest so Whistlecopter really are just like fireworks in the sky.

Feel the heat and the passion of flying our Whistlecopter the hottest led Flying toy! The higher your copter goes, the more money you will make! It’s as easy as riding a bike and getting paid for it! You just need to have a dream a passion inside you that keeps encouraging you all the time. Our led flying helicopter is like a race car, you just need to push on the accelerator and keep shooting it into the air wherever people may gather. It will then become a feeding frenzy; people waiting in line to buy it. Sounds crazy!! But true; start your adventure and you will see that there is nothing crazy about it! Enjoy the night with passion and turn your night into a daydream with the greatest night time micro helicopter!On different occasions like festival night park, festival beach park, Whistlecopter beach Whistlecopter products will increase the fun time.

Whistlecopter Bubble Gun Toy

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